Thursday, January 16, 2020

A New Way to Think and Live for Oppressed People

Enlightenism is a 21st century philosophy that defines Consciousness as the Greater Power. We define Unconditioned Consciousness as the Awareness-of-Being whole, perfect, and complete. This is all the power and clarity we need to overcome toxic beliefs and values.

The Enlightenism philosophy addresses the unique suffering of African-Americans and others oppressed by embodying toxic beliefs and values. While this philosophy focuses on the unique suffering of African-Americans, it also is effective in overcoming the pain in others lives as well.

The work of unlearning what others taught us is universal. This means it applies to everyone, It also means that we cannot unlearn as long as we believe in the sense-certainty of toxic beliefs and values.

Similarly, when we deny that the Greater Power is Consciousness, we cannot discover a new perspective to free us from dependency on others for our clarity. The Enlightenism philosophy is the new perspective that sheds light on a new way to think and live a life free of self-condemnation and suffering.

There's nothing more important to African-American people than understanding through Enlightenism that we can overcome the pain and suffering caused by our allegiance to toxic beliefs and values. When we accept we're greater than our self-imposed suffering, we will have discovered  the causal relationship between our actions and the Consciousness responsible for them.

 When we understand that suffering is an interpretation made by the suffer, we can now focus on changing the suffer. This illumination means that events and actions are not in and of themselves responsible for our suffering. Our suffering comes from a conditioned Consciousness that accepts suffering as a natural or divine way of living.

We can, nevertheless, choose not to suffer. We can choose to recondition our Awareness-of-Being to accept that we are greater than our toxic interpretations of pain and suffering.

The Enlightenism philosophy is one that frees the mind to accept that we are the one responsible for the interpretations describing our actions as pain. These interpretations are responsible for our self-victimization and powerlessness. In other words, what we think of ourselves determine our power to overcome what we think of ourselves.

The Enlightenism philosophy is a new way to think and live, and the clarity to cleanse our Consciousness of self-condemnation interpretations of victimization and powerlessness. This philosophy is a paradigm shift in Consciousness that transforms our interpretations to become one with a new, toxic-free Awareness-of-Being.

We can change our Awareness-of-Being to accept that Consciousness is the Greater Power. This power is both unchangeable and changeable. We can remain prisoners of toxicity and never change or we can change our Consciousness and free ourselves from this toxic illusion.

"Change our Consciousness and we change our interpretations of the power we possess"