Saturday, August 17, 2019

Going Beneath the Problem

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

When we stop allowing our problems to victimize us, then we can focus on understanding their causes. For every problem we have, there is a cause. And for every cause, there's a solution.

Unfortunately, we cannot create a solution for our problems until we understand their origins or basic causes.  In other words, we need to understand what's behind the causes. Why am I an addict, deeply in debt, and so on? These answers come from the ultimate cause, which is our Awareness-of-Being. This is the source of our problems.

Our Awareness-of-Being is changeable. There is a power within us that's greater than all of our Awareness-of-Beings. This power is the unconditioned Consciousness of Enlightenism. It is whole, perfect, and complete. We discover this power on our inward journey through the miasma of toxic distortions concealing its existence from us.

Those who desire to discover this great power must be willing to stop living in a cesspool of illusions. These illusory beliefs and values have imprisoned us in a web of  sense-certainty: A place where we accept others interpretations of the Greater Power.

This type of victimization is difficult to overcome using traditional logical and rational remedies. We must recondition our Awareness-of-Being to accept that we're greater than logic and its sensory interpretations of the Greater Power.  We're now ready to begin our inward journey and go far beneath our problems until we reach the depths of clarity and power.

Many are afraid to make the inward journey. They're too terrified of what they will discover. So we begin  imagining all types of things that we don't want to deal with. We believe some of them are deeply personal and could affect our current relationships.

If we dredge them up, they could disrupt our lives. These are our secrets, the source of our pain. They represents all the bad things we're trying to leave behind.  And for many, it's best to leave them alone and continue to search for external solutions.

Nevertheless, if we desire to know the origins of our problems, we must unearth the hidden beliefs and values. This requires us to feel deep pain and suffering. In other words, to achieve freedom we must go through the essence of our pain.

Regardless of our reluctance to make the inward journey, we must make it if we desire freedom from the lack, limitation, and struggle that are contained in all of our problems. This requires unlearning and reconditioning our Awareness-of-Being to accept itself as the Greater Power.

Similarly, lack, limitation, and struggle produces worry and self-doubts about the existence of unconditioned Consciousness within us. Whenever we feel any lack in our lives, we automatically limit our powers to overcome it. We then drown our Awareness-of-Being in a sea of doubts, fears, and worries.

Nevertheless, after we choose to make the journey, we must be willing to accept that our Awareness-of-Being is the source and solution to our problems. Our focus must be on creating a new Awareness-of-Being rather than focus on solving conditional  problems of addiction, anger, failure, debt, and so on.

Regardless of the current condition of our Awareness-of-Being, there is an alternative to the lack, limitation, and struggle we feel. When we believe and accept that our Awareness-of-Being has the power and clarity to overcome lack, limitation, and struggle, then we will have gone beneath the problem and discovered that the solution is Enlightenism .

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

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