Saturday, February 15, 2020

Tearing Down the Walls of Victimization

"Before Victimization, we have the power not to be a Victim"

Many victims don't believe we have the power to overcome victimization during our lifetime. This willingness to accept ourselves as victims -- whose only source of power is to complain about how we're treated by others -- can no longer be the model or excuse for the way we think and live.

We have the power to create a new way to think and live a victim-free life. This new way is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the unconditioned Consciousness we can use to restore our Awareness-of-Being to accept that we're whole, perfect, and complete. And with this power, we can change our current Consciousness by using toxic-free beliefs and values.

Those who feel the realness of pain and suffering, and seek relief by complaining about it,  can now stop complaining and change the one thing we can change, which is our Consciousness.  Consciousness is changeable, and we are the only ones who can  change it. However, the changes must occur within our Consciousness, not by fighting with others to change their beliefs and values.

Some are using the Enlightenism philosophy to tear down the walls of victimization and restore their Consciousness to its wholeness. When we restore our Consciousness to its natural, organic state, we  reclaim dominion over our Awareness-of-Being.

When we embrace and accept Enlightenism as unconditioned Consciousness, we can then accept  ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete. This is the Awareness-of-Being where we don't have to fix anything, because we already possess that which we seek in people, places, and things,

The light from Enlightenism shines brightly on the illusory beliefs and values encapsulating our Awareness-of-Being to believe we're victims living in a  dungeon of pain and suffering. This light reveals that our dungeon is an illusion that's overwhelming us with intense fears and doubts about our power to overcome it.

Even though victimization is an illusion, we're too afraid to go beneath the illusion and discover this for ourselves. This is why many accept the death sentence of victimization imposed on us by others.

We have been taught by others to believe the illusory walls shield us from the  unimaginable pain and suffering that comes from freedom. So, we believe it's to our advantage to remain a victim. As a victim, we can  continue to seek freedom from others and believe we cannot achieve it on our own. In other words, we're willing to suffer rather than free ourselves.

Victims of toxicity lack the clarity  to free themselves from the sense-certainty that victimization is caused by what's outside, rather than what's inside. We are the victims, but we believe others are responsible for our victimization.

We have tricked ourselves into believing that others are responsible for our victimization. They forced their beliefs and values on us. Unfortunately, we did use others' beliefs and values to become victims, however, this does not prevent us from unlearning what we were taught.

Similarly, when we accept that we conditioned our Consciousness by using others' beliefs and values, we understand that we're personally responsible for overcoming our own victimization. Our Awareness-of-Being is the source of our pain and suffering.

Nevertheless, we can overcome our pain and suffering by creating a new Awareness-of-Being that's free of dependency on others' beliefs and values. This new Awareness-of-Being is created with beliefs and values from the unconditioned Consciousness existing within us as whole, perfect, and complete.

When the walls of victimization come down, we stop living a nomadic life of searching for freedom within the darkness of victimization. Our  search for freedom ends with the clarity to understand that Consciousness is our freedom. Consciousness is all the power we need to overcome victimization and create a new way to think and live.

Meanwhile, with Enlightenism, we have the clarity and power to understand victimization as an illusion created from toxic beliefs and values. This means we have the power to change our Awareness-of-Being to accept that we're always greater than victimization.