Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Path to a New Freedom

Regardless of what we think of our current conditions, the desire for freedom remains a constant possibility. Unfortunately, this possibility is distorted by our unwillingness to understand that freedom exists in our Awareness-of-Being, not in people, places, and things.

After years of enslavement in toxicity, we still cannot envision a toxic-free Awareness-of-Being. We constantly self-medicate ourselves with illusions that acclimate us to believe freedom is impossible.

This self-induced slavery creates illusory desires consistent with the societal machinations on spirituality and religion. We then seek solace in searching for a freedom that doesn't exist in traditional spirituality and religion.  Unfortunately, these external pursuits  encapsulate our minds with beliefs of  resignation, failure, and confirms our powerlessness  to recondition our consciousness to accept a new Awareness-of-Being.

Those who have the desire to understand consciousness, soon realize we can  recondition it to accept toxic-free beliefs and values. And we can accomplish this feat by letting go of our dependency on the sense-certainty of societal interpretations of freedom. Nevertheless, for this desire to express freedom, it must originate in our intuitive-unconditioned consciousness.

Similarly, to achieve this clarity, we first must overcome what millions in our society believe about freedom and its value-comparisons to billions of others on the planet. We must now understand that freedom is not achieved by less government interference in our lives. It is achieved by less dependency on the sense-certainty of societal interpretations.

Part of our illusory romance with freedom exist because we cannot conceptualize an ideal freedom. Whenever we try, we end up imagining it existing in a place, people, or thing. In other words, we rely on what we were taught: we need external interactions to express freedom.

Nevertheless, when we understand our consciousness is clarity, power, and freedom, then it's easier to imagine the unknown Awareness-of-Being existing as whole, perfect, and complete. This state of consciousness is where we discover freedom of mind. .

Meanwhile, for those who desire freedom of the mind, we can attain it by first understanding how our consciousness impacts our Awareness-of-Being.. When we do this, we discover how easy it is to recondition our  consciousness with new beliefs and values.

"Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Achieving Spiritual Clarity

For as long as I can remember, I believed I was destined to live according to God's will. This meant,  that before I was born, God had determined my purpose, including the extent of my lack, limitation, and struggle. God also chose my parents, spouse, children, career, and so on to assist me with expressing my divine purpose. .

Similarly, since God knew everything I would do before I did something, God also determined whether or not I would become an addict, criminal, minister, or choose some other lifestyle. And whether I liked it or not, this was the way God created me to live.

Even though I frequently fought with myself to overcome this spiritual edict, I discovered  there was no escape from my actions. Regardless of my free-will actions, they could always be interpreted as being consistent with my divine purpose. In other words, if I became an alcoholic, this was part of fulfilling my purpose.

Similarly, whatever happened to me, it happened because God created me to undergo these experiences in order to fulfill my divine purpose. If one is born a slave, it's God's will. If one is born a slave-owner, it's God will. These are the interpretations many use to remain victims of spiritual misinterpretations about the Greater Power.

Whenever we limit ourselves to believe others' interpretations of divine creation, we become victimized by their interpretations.  That's why the victim in us, the consciousness of lack, limitation, and struggle, seeks freedom, but accepts victimization. We lack a perspective that's free of toxic beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, even after having embodied these beliefs and values, there are moments in our lives when we have brief glimpses into clarity. During these moments, we feel our toxicity disappear. This is our intuitive consciousness letting us know we can unlearn others' interpretations denying that we were born whole, perfect, and complete.

It is important to understand spiritual misinterpretations about the Greater Power, and ask ourselves if we're willing to address spiritual clarity from a new perspective that gives us power over our own lives.

How do we begin the process to achieve spiritual clarity? We begin by relinquishing the fear of our unconditioned consciousness. This empowers us with the courage to examine the origins of the beliefs and values defining our awareness-of-being. We then understand the glimpses into clarity come from this consciousness..

When we  accept the Greater Power as unconditioned consciousness, then we accept that our own consciousness is the  spiritual clarity we need to overcome others' interpretations about our divine purpose.

           "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Thursday, April 18, 2019

A New Perspective for Spiritual Freedom

Is our freedom achieved by spiritual faith or intellectual actions. Does spiritual faith determine our intellectual actions?

There are many today who feel powerless to overcome the difficult problems rendering them powerless. Most have given up on intellectual acumen and turned to spiritual faith for  magical solutions.

Whenever we feel powerless, it is caused by a lack of understanding of power. We have forgotten what it is, and how we can access it to solve our problems. If we don't understand power as consciousness, then we accept what others taught us about it.

Our Guides -- Parents and Society -- taught us to believe the Greater Power exists outside of our consciousness.  This information, regardless of intentions,  enslaved us to the sense-certainty of their beliefs and values.

Similarly, our reliance on the sense-certainty of others' teachings limited our consciousness to accept perspectives based only on these teachings. It's then difficult for us to imagine or envision a perspective that conflicts with this information.

Nevertheless, in spite of the difficulties of overcoming powerless beliefs and values, some discovered a new perspective of the Greater Power: One that accepts the Greater Power existing within as unconditioned consciousness. This consciousness, in its natural state of being, is whole, perfect, and complete. It is colorless, faceless, and formless.

Whenever we tire of being powerless, the desire for a new perspective becomes available to us. This desire, if cleansed of its toxic properties, will ultimately lead us to the path home, which is Enlightenism.

When we discover Enlightenism, we have the clarity and power  to create a new awareness-of-being. We can then be "born-again" in consciousness and create a new person that's free of toxic distortions and domination.

Meanwhile, the choice to seek a new perspective is available only to those who desire to overcome our dependency on toxic beliefs and values. If we're willing to make the commitment to become free of toxicity, then we'll know for ourselves that Enlightenism is a new perspective of spiritual freedom. 

When we know for ourselves that the Greater Power is unconditioned consciousness within us, we can then imagine a new awareness-of-being that's colorless, faceless, and formless. 

We encourage you to read the book Enlightenism for a greater understanding of this powerful new holistic spiritual freedom philosophy.

"Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Overcoming Stage 4 Toxicity

There are far too many of us dying from the effects of toxicity. We're in the final stage of succumbing to an awareness-of-being of permanent victimhood. We are living with stage 4 toxicity.

The primary symptoms from this toxic consciousness are effusive denials of its existence, unrelenting desires for personal avarice, overly dependent on religion and social programs for power, and the unwillingness to listen to perspectives that challenge these beliefs and values. Unfortunately, most are unaware they suffer from this pernicious condition.

We have forgotten that we were created whole, perfect, and complete. We have also forgotten the genesis of the beliefs and values responsible for our suffering

When we become acclimated to powerless living, we also choose to accept powerlessness and victimization as the only way for us to live. We have inoculated our consciousness to resist clarity, which prevents us from engaging in Enlightenism Living.

Victims of stage 4 toxicity have only faint passing thoughts of what it feels like to live outside of toxicity. We experience this with sudden bursts of happiness or glimpses of clarity while walking alone on the beach or some other solitaire place. These are the feelings that remind us of something greater, albeit unknown, existing within us.

 Regardless of the condition of our consciousness, whether it's stage 4 or not, we can recondition it with toxic-free beliefs and values. We can transmute a toxic awareness-of-being into a toxic-free one. (This transmutation of consciousness is explained in greater detail in the book, Enlightenism).

Meanwhile, it's important to remember how the transmutation process works in overcoming stage 4 toxicity. The process works basically like this:

1.  Acknowledge the effects toxicity have on  preventing you from overcoming what others taught you.

2. Developing an Understanding of how consciousness works.

3. A willingness to Unlearn toxic beliefs and values..

4,  Release your attachment to the sense-certainty of toxic beliefs and values.

When you can achieve these four goals, you will have discovered the process to cure stage 4 toxicity.

"Enlightenism" is a bold new book by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Why I am not a Victim

Whenever I think of victimization, I remember a quotation from The New African American Man,        
"My name is Malcolm Kelly, aka "slave," "coon," "n....r," "darkie," "colored," "Negro," "black," and "African American." My introduction is not important nor is my name or the names given me by society. What I am attempting to do is describe, in a limited, pictorial sense, the process of development whereby one changes from a victim to an empowered person."

When I wrote The New African American Man, I was beginning to wake-up from my self-created illusion of victimization. While I didn't realize it then, my waking-up was based on having conditioned my consciousness to accept toxic interpretations of my awareness-of-being.

Nevertheless, for those in positions similar to mine, it's important to know that the desire to overcome victimization comes from years of enduring pain about who you really are without toxicity. This desire comes from the brief glimpses into the unknown regions of your consciousness where you know you're greater than your current awareness-of-being.

This is the unconditioned consciousness that's unknown to victim consciousness. It's free of thoughts of victimization and powerlessness and is only aware of being whole, perfect, and complete.

Similarly, when you have accepted yourself as a victim for all your life, then it's difficult to switch gears and accept that you're not. So before you can change, you must first determine the level of your victimization. This is accomplished by your willingness to let go of the sense-certainty defining you as a victim existing in a toxic illusion.

I am defining illusion as "Toxic beliefs and values from others that one uses to interpret himself or herself and one's relationship with the external world. A man-made world created for one to accept as reality."

Meanwhile, the illusions defining you by race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education imprison you in a web of powerlessness and victimization. So when you try to free yourself from this web, you struggle with beliefs and values of   lack and limitation. Moreover, you become disoriented and question the legitimacy of your actions.

This distorted interpretation of your awareness-of-being prevents your discovery of a new toxic-free one. However, it is the discovery of the toxic-free awareness-of-being that sets you free of victimhood.

I think this quotation from the book Enlightenism clearly defines why I am not a victim.

     "It's important to understand that accessibility to Enlightenism requires a cleansed mind. You gain access to this great power by accepting yourself as a creator. This is the awareness-of-being you you achieve after you unmask toxicity, and perceive it as an illusion. You cannot enter into Enlightenism with toxic beliefs and values from your former awareness-of-being. Your new awareness-of-being contains its own beliefs and values."

Meanwhile, the freedom from victimization is achieved by creating a new awareness-of-being. This new awareness-of-being must come from a toxic-free consciousness. And to achieve a toxic-free consciousness, you must unlearn all that you have been taught by others.
   Enlightenism by Malcolm Kelly, Spiritual Freedom Philosopher

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Power of Consciousness

The greater power is your consciousness. It's colorless, faceless, and formless. It can be conditioned to express an infinite awareness-of-beings.

In my work with consciousness, I have discovered it to be whole, perfect, and complete in its unconditioned natural state.  On the other hand, I discovered that, in its conditioned state, it's victimized by lack, limitation, and struggle.

Whenever you muster the will and courage to explore how your consciousness works, you will discover that you must work alone. This is initially difficult to accept, because of your dependency on others to tell you what to do.

Nevertheless, after working alone for awhile with your consciousness and creating a bond of trust with it,  you will clearly understand why you're the only one qualified to do the work.  You're the only one that know your fears, doubts, and the depth of the victimization you're working to overcome.

Similarly, it is from this work that you achieve the clarity to understand the causal relationship between  consciousness and your awareness-of-being. You now understand your current awareness-of-being is the source of your problems.

This clarity illumines you to understand that all actions begin and end within your awareness-of-being. Moreover, you also understand your current awareness-of-being was conditioned  with beliefs and values from parents and society.

In other words, your parents, acting as Society's surrogates, taught you to trust and accept they knew what was best for you. And without you realizing it, they were training you to become dependent on the trustworthiness of their teachings as well as others in responsible positions in society.

Fortunately, there is a formula you can use to overcome what they taught you. It's an  Enlightenism formula that has the power to recondition your consciousness.

You can use this formula  to cleanse the consciousness of the illusions distorting your awareness-of-being. The Enlightenism formula  is effective in transmuting powerlessness into power. And with daily use, it reconditions the consciousness to detach itself from all toxic beliefs and values.

The cornerstone of the formula is expressed in four freedoms.
1. The Freedom to Create.
2. The Freedom to Embody.
3. The Freedom of Acceptance.
4. The Freedom of Discipline and Action.

These four freedoms cleanse the consciousness and illumine it with the clarity to envision a toxic-free awareness-of-being. In other words, it provides the power of imagination to create a new, toxic-free, person.

Meanwhile, all that's required of you to recondition your consciousness is a clear, clarified, desire to understand the origins of your current awareness-of-being. It is from this single desire that you begin the process to unlearn and free your consciousness from its dependency on others.
                 "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly, Author and Spiritual Freedom Philosopher

Monday, February 18, 2019

Transmuting Powerlessness Into Power

There is a way to achieve power that's different from what others taught us. It's a simple process similar to Alchemy.  Instead of changing lead into gold like the Alchemist, we are changing a powerless consciousness into one with power.

I have discovered a way to transmute consciousness by using a formula developed after years of extensive research in overcoming victim consciousness. Victim consciousness applies to those who rely on others beliefs and values. This means it transcends societal definitions of race and color.

I  describe a Victim as "One who perceives himself or herself powerless to overcome the conditions in one's life without depending on others for guidance. One who relies on the teachings and beliefs and values of others to define one's purpose for living."

The Enlightenism Formula is created from four Freedoms:
     1,   The Freedom to Create.
     2.   The Freedom to Embody.
     3.   The Freedom of Acceptance.
     4.   The Freedom of Discipline and Action

The Enlightenism Formula works most effectively with a toxic-free mind: One that has unlearn toxic beliefs and values. The process of unlearning is a simple one that begins with the desire to understand the origins of your beliefs and values.

Similarly, the cleansing of the mind produces clarified desires. These are the ones cleansed of toxicity. They are the ones you use to transmute powerlessness into power.

The transmutation process begins and ends within your consciousness. In other words, you are changing one Awareness-of-Being powerless into another one with power.

Meanwhile, as you trust the process of creating a new person or Awareness-of-Being, you discover your power of imagination is freed of its self-imposed toxic limitations.   You are now able to express a miracle in your life, one that seems impossible to those imprisoned in Toxicity. Nevertheless, this is all you need to transmute powerlessness into power.  
                                 "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Saturday, February 16, 2019

God's Other Son

Is it possible for God to have more than one Son? If so, how do we determine who that person is?

Many Biblical scholars  and theologians believe Jesus was "God's only begotten son." This understanding of God's power comes solely from John; one of the Synoptic writers of the New Testament. John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."(KJV)

Similarly, the three other writers, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, did not make this claim. So we are left with one man's interpretation of God's power to create a Son, which, ironically, contradicts God's biblical creation of Adam as his first begotten Son.

Regardless of the innumerable interpretations we have of God as the Greater Power, we are always left with the fallibility of our human interpretations. This leaves us in a spiritual-intellectual conundrum of having to depend on our Faith.

Whenever we have to depend on Faith, it means we haven't discovered something  for ourselves. It also means we must trust the interpretations of others and place our Faith in their beliefs and values.

When we think of God's other Son, it's difficult to believe it means us. This difficulty comes from our unwillingness to release our attachment to others' interpretation of God's Son.

Nevertheless, God's other Son is begotten from the same consciousness that begat the first humans. This consciousness cannot be defined or interpreted by Faith alone. You must discover it for yourself.

Meanwhile, the self-discovery process begins with understanding our relationship with our Creator. And accepting that our Creator exists within us as Unconditioned Consciousness. Moreover, accepting that this consciousness created us in its  image of being  whole, perfect, and complete.

In other words, we can only define the begetting process by including ourselves as part of it. This means accepting ourselves as the Son of Unconditioned Consciousness, which originally created us in the Awareness-of-Being whole, perfect, and complete.

We are endowed with the power to condition our consciousness to create an infinite Awareness-of-Beings. Unfortunately, most of us have chosen to use others' beliefs and values to create our Awareness-of-Being. 

God's other Son, which includes Daughter, is begotten from Unconditioned Consciousness. This new  awareness-of-being accepts itself as being created with toxic-free beliefs and values. It's an Awareness-of-Being colorless, faceless, and formless.

God's other Son knows that the "begotten Son" is not so much a physical creation,  but one of consciousness. This means when we transcend our Faith, we discover that we are begotten from Unconditioned Consciousness.
                                     The book of "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Path to Power

There are some days when we feel like giving up. These are the ones when we feel stuck, mired in emotional stagnation, worry, and powerless to overcome this feeling.

Many feel this way. Some more than others. Most who feel this way, seek solutions outside of their current awareness-of-being. While many others just give up and pull the illusory covers over their eyes.

Regardless of how we feel, it comes from our awareness-of-being. We are constantly reminded of the condition of our awareness-of-being  by the way and manner we approach our problems. If our problems appear greater than our power, then we seek solutions in a power greater than our awareness-of-being.

Since childhood, we are taught to believe that regardless of  how much chaos we create in our lives, there's a Greater Power outside that we can turn to solve our problems.

Unfortunately, for many powerless-thinking individuals, they have become intellectual and spiritually addicted to relying on this power to fix their lives. They continuously make mindless decisions that overwhelm them to the point where they want to give up.

Whenever we feel like giving-up, it's caused by our unwillingness  to understand the causal connection between our actions and the resultant effects. This unwillingness to embrace mindfulness in our actions keeps us dependent on others to tell us how to live.

In other words,  we forget that our cravings for money, alcohol, food, drugs, sex, GMO products produced the debt, alcoholism, obesity, pregnancy, and illness that we're now trying to overcome. These conditions were created by mindless cravings for things and must be ultimately solved by you, their creator.

Our pain seems to magically appear in our lives. It's suddenly there, but we find it difficult to believe that we made ourselves ill or mired deep in debt. So it becomes easier for us to blame others or unforeseen circumstances.  .

For us to go beyond the blame-game into the consciousness of personal responsibility, we must first trust our inner-mind power. This trust leads to the discovery of the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.

Similarly, Enlightenism is the consciousness where you begin the work to create a toxic-free Awareness-of-Being. It contains the formula for overcoming pain and confusion.

The formula breaks the cycle of mindless actions and the unsuspecting painful results from them. It is a prescription for accepting ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete.

The Enlightenism formula is confirmation that all  change and power  come from our Awareness-of-Being. Regardless of the magnitude of the problems, duration, or our unwillingness to accept personal responsibility for them, we are, nevertheless, the cause and solution of our problems..
                                                                  The book of "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly


Saturday, February 2, 2019

Creating the Greater I

Whenever we say and understand, "I am greater than the I that I created," we will have discovered the formula for freeing the mind of toxicity. Our freedom exists in consciousness. This the only freedom we have to be born-again with a new, toxic-free, awareness-of-being.

Many believe freedom is achieved by hard work, education, wealth, and so forth. It is this misinterpretation of freedom that imprisons our minds into an illusory sense-certainty about the existence of freedom outside of us.

Nevertheless, our desires for freedom comes from our current awareness-of-being.  Our awareness-of-being comes from our beliefs and values. So, to change our awareness-of-being, we must first change our beliefs and values.

Our beliefs and values are who we are now. This means we must unlearn who we are now by unlearning what we used to become this person. We have discovered a formula for unlearning our beliefs and values. This formula was used to discover Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is unconditioned consciousness. It is a holistic philosophy that is whole, perfect, and complete. This unconditioned consciousness creates a new person from an awareness of being colorless, faceless, and formless.

Similarly, it is from the Enlightensim  consciousness that we produce cleansed desires that are free of lack, limitation, and struggle. In other words, if we believe we are powerful, we don't use powerless beliefs and values to overcome our problems.

When we do the work to cleanse our mind of toxicity, we have the clarity to create our own solutions for overcoming problems of lack, limitation, and struggle. And in doing so, we create a new awareness-of-being.

Meanwhile, the process of creating a new person requires our direct participation in unlearning toxic beliefs and values. This personal responsibility creates the space and clarity necessary for us to envision a new person: One that is discovered in our unconditioned consciousness.

Enlightenism contains the limitless space of consciousness to create limitless awareness-of-beings of you as the Greater Power. So, even when we marvel at our growth and results, we know that we are greater than the I that we are aware of being.

     "Your awareness-of-being must originate from within a consciousness where you accept yourself as being whole, perfect, and complete. This is the consciousness that's free of lack, limitation, and struggle.

     "That's why it's important for you to spend the initial time and energy to unlearn toxicity and learn how to embody a new way to think of yourself. Otherwise, your new awareness-of-being will not contain toxic-free beliefs and values of yourself as colorless, faceless, and formless. These are the essential qualities you need to create your new awareness-of-being.

     "When you work from this level of consciousness, there are few, if any, doubts about yourself as the creator of the new person. Similarly, everything contained within your completed Enlightenism vision is now contained within your new awareness-of-being.

     "When you know this absolutely, you will accept yourself as the creator of your new awareness-of-being."
                                       ----"Enlightenism" by Brother Malcolm Kelly

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Enlightenism Resolutions

I am the Enlightenist. "I am Greater than the I that I Created"

Today, I affirm that I will not continue to play mythical games with myself. I no longer accept myself as a powerless victim. I will not blindly accept others' beliefs and values as absolute truths.

I am the Enlightenist. I trust myself to make decisions for myself. I live free of toxic judgments about people, places, and things. I affirm my worthiness in this day to accept that I am whole, perfect, and complete.

I am the Enlightenist. I have clear desires that are consistent with my Awareness-of-Being. My Awareness-of-Being contains within it the Power of Creation and Expression.

I am the Enlightenist.  No force or person can prevent me from accepting my Awareness-of-Being. My purpose is clearly defined by my Awareness-of-Being.

I am the Enlightenist. I see clearly that I am the beginning and end of all my actions. There are no obstacles to prevent me from expressing my purpose in life.

I am the Enlightenist. I don't allow others to decide my actions. I trust my Awareness-of-Being as the Truth of who I am.

I am the Enlightenist. I accept my responsibility to eat healthy foods. I accept my responsibility to participate in daily physical and mental exercises.  

I am the Enlightenist. My power comes from my clarity. My clarity comes from Enlightenism.

I am the  Enlightenist. I am free of failure and success. I seek neither, nor accept either.

I am the Enlightenist. My journey is known only to me. I am the one who knows the way, the truth, and purpose of my life. I travel unseen within the illusions.

Please take the time to read the book "Enlightenism" by clicking the Image on the blog.