Saturday, February 8, 2020

Going Beneath our Problems

"Before Victimization, we have the power not to be a Victim"

We have the solution for the problem of victimization. Regardless of the intensity or magnitude of our problems, the solution begins with understanding the problem. Where did it come from? Who created it? Who's responsible for solving it?

The answers to these questions must be answered by those with the problems. And contrary to what we have been taught in toxicity about group-thinking victimization, our problems are personal and unique to our Awareness-of-Being.

Most problems are just misinterpretations about our power to create and solve our own problems.  Unfortunately, our misinterpretations about who we really are determine how we respond to our problems.

The transformation from misinterpretations about who we really are begins with changing our Consciousness. When we accept that Consciousness is changeable, we can then change the beliefs and values that created it.

Enlightenism is unconditioned Consciousness existing within us as whole, perfect, and complete. This Consciousness is who we really are without toxic beliefs and values. It is also the Consciousness we use to create a new, toxic-free Awareness-of-Being: One where we're greater than our problems.

Similarly, with Enlightenism as our guide, we can go beneath our problems and discover that we actually created them.  Our desires for people, places, and things are responsible for our deep-seated beliefs of victimization and powerlessness.

When we go beneath our problems to the place where  the victim is hiding, we understand that the victim is an illusion. This illusion of victimization exists because of the sense-certainty we have about the power of toxic beliefs and values, and our own powerlessness.

Nevertheless, when we go within our Consciousness to the realm that's free of victimization,  the place where we're colorless, faceless, and formless, and to the place of extraordinary fecundity and blissfulness, we arrive at a place where there are no problems, only solutions. This is Enlightenism.

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