Saturday, March 21, 2020

Creating a Healthy Mind

Enlightenism is a paradigm shift in Consciousness. It is a "New Way to Think and Live" for those overcome by toxic beliefs and values.

The goal of change is to overcome what others taught you.  This requires a healthy, toxic-free mind: One that accepts itself as the creator of your Awareness-of-Being.

Many desire freedom from toxicity, but few ever attain it. If you want freedom from toxicity, then you must be willing to rid your mind of the toxic proclivities denying you freedom.

Unfortunately, wishful thinking will not get this done. Freedom requires a change in the way you think and live. This change must come from a clear and healthy mind that you create. In other words, others cannot create a healthy mind for you.

Similarly, the stigma of victimization and powerlessness mires you deeply in pain and suffering. These beliefs and values condition your mind to accept the sense-certainty of what others taught you.

This conditioning process causes you to accept toxicity and to believe there's  no other way to think and live. Well, Enlightenism is that new way to think and live. It is a modern day philosophy with the formula to unlearn and unravel the layers of toxic beliefs and values you're afraid to confront.

Enlightenism exposes toxicity as an illusion. When you shine the light of Enlightenism on toxicity, you clearly see it for what it is, an illusion. Unfortunately, this illusion determines all your toxic interpretations about what's happening in your life.

Nevertheless, it's your interpretations that confirm the sense-certainty of the beliefs and values you're using to affirm victimhood. And intrinsic in these beliefs and values is the toxic notion that this is the only way for you to think and live.

Meanwhile, Enlightenism removes everything preventing you from accepting that you are whole, perfect, and complete. It's from this Awareness-of-Being that your interpretations become one with Enlightenism and you create "A New Way to Think and Live."

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

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