Saturday, June 13, 2020

Power to Create a Toxic-Free Mind

Enlightenism is "A New Way to Think and Live." It is the power to overcome powerless beliefs and values.

Enlightenism is the light to see what's beneath your feelings of being victimized by others. When you remove this veil of darkness from your mind, you can see the myriad beliefs and values causing you to feel this way. You also see that you have the power to overcome these feelings.

Enlightenism is the clarity to perceive power without toxic limitations placed on your mind. You can imagine with Enlightenism a power greater than the one you're using to victimize yourself. This new clarity affirms that you have the power to create "A New Way to Think and Live."

Toxicity, on the other hand, is the absence of clarity.  This means Enlightenism is the Consciousness where only clarity can exists, while toxicity is the one where it cannot exist.

Similarly, generations of powerless-thinking individuals have toiled in the darkness of toxicity. Many desired clarity, but few, if any, ever achieved it. Yet they remained committed to this toxic system of thought in their pursuit of clarity and power.

Nevertheless, after much pain and suffering, many believed clarity was rewarded to those willing to endure the pain and suffering. Unfortunately, clarity is not given to those who don't seek it outside of toxicity. The Seeker must be willing to cleanse the mind of toxic beliefs and values and replace them with ones from Enlightenism.

The power of Enlightenism exists within the unconditioned Consciousness that's free of the toxic beliefs and values victimizing your mind. This Greater Power has dominance over the toxic mind. It's the power to be born-again with a new, toxic-free Awareness-of-Being

The legacy bequeathed you from previous generations of powerless-thinking individuals is one that keeps you thinking your are a powerless victim. This legacy is one filled with great hope, but  lacks a clear vision for you to equip the mind with toxic-free beliefs and values to overcome this toxic system of thought.

When you let go of this pernicious legacy, you can see the immutable truth that you are powerless because you have been taught by others to think of yourself this way. Moreover, you will know why it's so difficult for you to wake-up and create "A New Way to Think and Live."

Meanwhile, you are responsible for doing the work to unlearn what others taught you. This work of cleansing your mind of toxic beliefs and values keeps you on the path to Enlightenism Consciousness. When you return to your home in Enlightenism, you will discover an Unconditioned Consciousness that's whole, perfect, and complete.

When you live in Enlightenism, you live without struggle. This is the home where all things are possible for you to express in your life.  It's the only "home-going" available to those who seek peace, clarity, and power while you're alive.

"You have the power to help yourself with Enlightenism"

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Consult Carolyn said...

What I know from reading this blog is this. We are responsible for unlearning the victim consciousness that prevades our beliefs and values making others responsible for our freedom and how we internalize what happens in our life. The child like beliefs that a savior is coming to make it all better is toxic individually and collectively. A new way to think and live is what the world can use to begin the healing process individually and collectively.
Enlightenism Always