Saturday, May 23, 2020

How to Create a Powerful Mind

"You are greater than the conditions in your life." "You have the Power to help yourself."

As the creator of your problems, you, and you alone, have the solutions. If you desire clear, long lasting, and effective solutions, then you need a powerful mind: One that has cleansed itself of the sense-certainty of the efficacy acquired from toxic beliefs and values.

The process to  achieve a powerful mind begins with reconditioning your current one to accept that you're the Greater Power.  When you accept yourself as the Greater Power, you reclaim power abdicated to the beliefs and values responsible for your problems. This change in thinking is necessary for you to gain the clarity and confidence to help yourself.

Similarly, with this clarity you also understand  your problems are merely interpretations from a powerless mind. In other words, you're not perceiving your problems as they are, but distorting them to conform to a powerless mind. You also clearly understand your problems are determined by what you think of yourself.

Nevertheless, there is a way to change how you think and live. The essence of the Enlightenism philosophy is "A New Way to Think and Live." This powerful new philosophy is the source of how to create a powerful mind on your own.

When you accept the existence of Enlightenism within you, you accept it as the Greater Power. This  Power  exists beyond the self-imposed limitations you placed on your mind by embodying toxic beliefs and values.

Enlightenism is whole, perfect, and complete. It's colorless, faceless, and formless. This is the Awareness-of-Being you must use to create a powerful mind that produces insights for you to create "A New Way to Think and Live." .

Whenever you feel that your problems are greater than you, Enlightenism helps you understand why you feel powerless to overcome them. When you understand the causal relationship between you and your problems, you can focus your work on unlearning the beliefs and values responsible for your powerlessness.

When you focus your work on cleansing your mind of toxicity, you can use the Enlightenism formula to assist you with creating a powerful mind, The formula is most effective when you use it daily for thirty days. These are the  daily mind exercises you must adhere to:

1. Imagination and Visualization.
2 Embodiment.
3. Acceptance and Trust.
4. Creative Action and Discipline.

You can use this formula to overcome any problems you create. It provides you with the clarity and power to transcend and change your perspective of the relationship you have with problems.

When you change your Consciousness, you change your Awareness-of-Being. This process of change begins and ends with your mind. This means you have the power to help yourself to create "A New Way to Think and Live."

Enlightenism is a clean, clear, and usable philosophy to create "A New Way to Think and Live."

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