Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Path to Power

There are some days when we feel like giving up. These are the ones when we feel stuck, mired in emotional stagnation, worry, and powerless to overcome this feeling.

Many feel this way. Some more than others. Most who feel this way, seek solutions outside of their current awareness-of-being. While many others just give up and pull the illusory covers over their eyes.

Regardless of how we feel, it comes from our awareness-of-being. We are constantly reminded of the condition of our awareness-of-being  by the way and manner we approach our problems. If our problems appear greater than our power, then we seek solutions in a power greater than our awareness-of-being.

Since childhood, we are taught to believe that regardless of  how much chaos we create in our lives, there's a Greater Power outside that we can turn to solve our problems.

Unfortunately, for many powerless-thinking individuals, they have become intellectual and spiritually addicted to relying on this power to fix their lives. They continuously make mindless decisions that overwhelm them to the point where they want to give up.

Whenever we feel like giving-up, it's caused by our unwillingness  to understand the causal connection between our actions and the resultant effects. This unwillingness to embrace mindfulness in our actions keeps us dependent on others to tell us how to live.

In other words,  we forget that our cravings for money, alcohol, food, drugs, sex, GMO products produced the debt, alcoholism, obesity, pregnancy, and illness that we're now trying to overcome. These conditions were created by mindless cravings for things and must be ultimately solved by you, their creator.

Our pain seems to magically appear in our lives. It's suddenly there, but we find it difficult to believe that we made ourselves ill or mired deep in debt. So it becomes easier for us to blame others or unforeseen circumstances.  .

For us to go beyond the blame-game into the consciousness of personal responsibility, we must first trust our inner-mind power. This trust leads to the discovery of the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.

Similarly, Enlightenism is the consciousness where you begin the work to create a toxic-free Awareness-of-Being. It contains the formula for overcoming pain and confusion.

The formula breaks the cycle of mindless actions and the unsuspecting painful results from them. It is a prescription for accepting ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete.

The Enlightenism formula is confirmation that all  change and power  come from our Awareness-of-Being. Regardless of the magnitude of the problems, duration, or our unwillingness to accept personal responsibility for them, we are, nevertheless, the cause and solution of our problems..
                                                                  The book of "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly


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