Saturday, November 9, 2019

Self-Healing our Mind of Toxicity

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

We don't have to remain victims of toxicity. We can choose to wake-up and unlearn everything others taught us about how to live successfully in toxicity.  However, to wake-up, we must first let go of our dependency on the sense-certainty of what they taught us.

The challenge many face in making the choice to wake-up is distrust of Consciousness as the power to overcome all conditioned states from this Awareness-of-Being. It takes time to trust the unknown, particularly when we have lost the clarity to perceive an existence beyond our toxic distortions.

Similarly, our desire to wake-up and overcome toxicity must be greater than our desire to accept the sense-certainty we rely on to interpret actions from our Awareness-of-Being.

Many who are comfortable living with toxicity don't believe we can do anything about it. We have acclimated our Consciousness to accept life the way we interpret it from our Awareness-of-Being. We have forgotten that our interpretations come from others' beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, it's difficult for most to believe we were created by illusory beliefs and values. This lack of understanding about creation separates us from our own creation and causes us to believe someone else created our Awareness-of-Being.

We can change our Consciousness by reconditioning it with toxic-free beliefs and values. Even though the reconditioning of our Consciousness is a simple process, the naysayers doubt we have the power to do it. So they continue to wait on their toxic Guides to tell them what to do.

When we tire of waiting on others for permission to wake-up, we can begin the inward journey and remove the veil of toxicity from our Awareness-of-Being. When we do this, we can see how others led us on a path paved with pain and suffering.

Regardless of how hard we try to deny responsibility for creating our Awareness-of-Being, we cannot extricate ourselves from our actions. And our actions begin and end in our Awareness-of-Being. In other words, we are the cause and effect of our actions.

Meanwhile, for those seeking clarity, we can travel on another path. There are bright lights, clarity, and no darkness on this path. This is the path of the inward journey where we're free of toxic distortions and misinterpretations about inner power.

When we travel on the inward journey we're on the path  that leads directly to Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the unconditioned Consciousness that accepts itself as whole, perfect, and complete. This is our sanctuary from the arduous and meandering toxic journey, we have traveled all our lives.

The power to awaken from the toxic illusions with the clarity to accept that the greater power is found within our Unconditioned Consciousness of Enlightenism.  This is the immutable power that ends our struggle for freedom.

It's difficult for toxic adherents to believe that our lifelong struggle ends on the inward journey. Nevertheless, that's what happens when we achieve the clarity to understand the causal relationship between our actions and interpretations of these actions.

"We have everything will ever need for the journey. My journey is Enlightenism, and that is the journey home."

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

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