Saturday, August 3, 2019

Warning: Toxicity is Deadly

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

Toxicity is a slow, painful, unnoticeable death of our Awareness-of-Being. We're so accustomed to modeling our lives after others that we don't notice the unnoticeable changes occurring within our Consciousness.

When we live with toxicity all our life, we don't know how addictive we are to it until we try to stop using it to define our Awareness-of-Being. The moment we decide to change our addictive lifestyle is the one that opens the Consciousness to accept a new alternative. This is the awakening that we're not only addicts, but victims of toxicity.

Nevertheless, the toxicity game is a deadly one. And if we desire freedom from it, we must change our beliefs and values. Regardless of our cravings to be like others, we have the power to overcome what others taught us about Consciousness.

Our Awareness-of-Being has ignored toxicity all our lives. Furthermore, we believe that since everyone we know is living with it, then it must not be too harmful. We are blinded by our distortions.

Unfortunately, we forget that toxicity is comprised of  "beliefs and values that have a deleterious effect on one's power to distinguish between an illusion and the Greater Power of Enlightenism."

Similarly, in our forgetfulness, we also forgot that we used toxic beliefs and values to create our Awareness-of-Being. This conditioning of the mind causes us to believe if the majority are benefiting from toxicity, then it's acceptable to us.

It's only when we stop being like others that we feel uncomfortable with ourselves. That's when we feel like we're being disobedient. This is the desire within reminding us that the Greater I is the unconditioned Consciousness of Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is without a doubt a power we must discover for ourselves. And for those seeking this power, we first must desire it, then have the courage to make the inward journey that leads to Enlightenism.

On our inward journey, we commit ourselves to overcoming toxicity. Many who make this journey frequently believe toxicity is harmless or not really anything, but a word.

Meanwhile, we can kick the habit of depending on daily fixes of toxicity to make it through life. We can now become creating a new Awareness-of Being with beliefs and values from our unconditioned Consciousness.

This Consciousness-cleansing process begins with a clear desire to overcome toxicity. All that is required of us is to believe and accept that the Greater Power is within our Consciousness.

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

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