Friday, November 22, 2019

The Enlightenism Journey Home

"I have everything I will ever need for the journey. My journey is Enlightenism, and that is the journey home." -- Sister Carolyn

The Enlightenism journey begins with a desire to travel on a different path. When we tire of traveling on the winding roads of toxicity, Enlightenism offers us a different road to travel on.

We are born whole, perfect, and complete. Our unconditioned Consciousness created us without societal labels of race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education.

Whenever we discover this great truth for ourselves, then we will  know how to return to our original Awareness-of-Being. We have to reverse the steps (beliefs and values) that we took to get where we are now.

Unfortunately, our current Awareness-of-Being is seeking a home in toxicity. We now believe we can condition our Consciousness to accept the temporal rather than the eternal as our original Awareness-of-Being.

Nevertheless, we continue to try to make our  temporal existence into a permanent one. The more we struggle to create a permanent existence with toxic beliefs and values, the more submissive we become to others.

It's important to remember that the home we built for ourselves in toxicity is an illusion. This home was built with illusory beliefs and values. Each belief and value is a distortion about the existence of the Greater Power of Enlightenism within us..

Many doubt the existence of unconditioned Consciousness as the Greater Power to accept ourselves as colorless, faceless, and formless.  When we dwell within this Consciousness, there's no beginning or end. This is our  eternal Awareness-of-Being whole, perfect, and complete.

Enlightenism exists to express its existence as the Greater Power. It reminds us that we are always greater than our Awareness-of-Being.

Many seek this power, but few ever find it. The few found it on the inward journey. This is a journey we all must make if we truly desire to free ourselves of toxicity. It is also one we must travel alone.

When we decide to make the inward journey, we must be willing to leave our sense-certainties  in toxicity. There's no room for them in our Consciousness.

Similarly, on the inward journey, regardless of what is seen or heard, we must remain resolute in our commitment to continue on the journey. This means we must stop depending on others to guide us, and accept responsibility for guiding ourselves.

"If we can't see clearly, then we must rely on others to guide us. They lead us on a journey where we become blinded by toxic illusions, which limit our power to see or hear insights that empower us to guide ourselves." ---Brother Malcolm

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

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