Saturday, August 11, 2018

Powers of the Enlightenism Mind

The desire for freedom begins with the recognition that you're a victim. A victim is "One who perceives himself or herself powerless to overcome the conditions in one's life without depending on others for guidance. One who relies on the teachings and beliefs and values of others to define one's purpose for living"

We are living in a time period where power is being redefined as Enlightenism. This greater power is what we need to stop believing in victimization or believing we're powerless to overcome the societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

Regardless of the conditions or the magnitude of our problems, we have the power to overcome them. The power to overcome is the recognition of ourselves as the creators of our problems, not their victims.

It's impossible for a victimized mind to free us from toxicity. Toxicity means: "Beliefs and values that have a deleterious effect on one's power to distinguish between an illusion and the Greater Power of Enlightenism."

Our freedom must come from an awareness-of-being that's free of toxicity. One where we can imagine and accept ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete. This means we first must work on cleansing our minds of toxicity.

The work begins with our relinquishing denials of victimization. Victimization is not a bad word or one relegated to specific races or classes of people. Its meaning goes beyond these toxic interpretations.

Meanwhile, Enlightenism is the ideal of consciousness, not the search for consciousness but its discovery. In other words, Enlightenism is the clarity you experience when all memories of victimization have been removed from your beliefs and values.

     "Regardless of what others say or think about you, you must be committed to changing the way you think and act. It will probably take your spouse, friends, relatives, co-workers, and family members some time to recognize the changes you are making in your life..

     "Nevertheless, you must remain firm in your resolve to trust Enlightenism to guide you in making clear decisions. And, as sure as day follows night, your new actions will produce a new person in the world. This new person will personify your new awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete."
                                                                         "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

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