Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Death of Victimization

Even though it was a long time coming,  we can finally affirm the death of victimization. After a painful, long-suffering, and toxic existence devoted to infecting our minds with contagious illusions, Enlightenism has finally snuffed out the life of Victimization.

We're now free to cleanse our minds of toxicity without fear of reprisals from others. Our work begins with restoring trust in ourselves. This is a key component of the Enlightenism formula that's available to assist us with unlearning toxicity.

Similarly, our new understanding of the origins of our victimization provide us with the clarity not to return to our former victim lifestyles. We know that the illusory interpretations of spiritual and social power were based on the interpretations of others who were trying to escape from their own pain and suffering.

Nevertheless, we accepted what we were taught and, like our teachers, became victimized by toxic beliefs and values. We believed, as they did, that we couldn't free ourselves from the fate of living our lives as victims. Fortunately, we no longer have to live in the dungeon of victimization they created for us.

For years, as loyal victims, we have defended the beliefs and values responsible for our  victimization. We felt a deep sense of pride in our ability to  interpret historical information describing others as the sages of power and clarity. We were content being less than others as long as we believed what we had been taught was the truth.

Now that the truth has been exposed as an illusion, we must discover the truth about ourselves. We must answer the question for ourselves about "Who am I?"

Some of us have discovered that Enlightenism is the power to overcome victimization. This discovery clarified for us that our awareness-of-being is the source of our power. I describe these clarified insights in the new book "Enlightenism."

     ",,, These four freedoms are discussed in greater detail in later chapters in the book. There's a tendency by many Enlightenism neophytes to distrust the four freedoms. This new approach for creating and awareness-of-being may be difficult for you to believe because it seems so easy to do.

"Nevertheless, for you to create a more powerful awareness-of-being, you first must be willing to unlearn the toxic beliefs and values causing you to believe in powerlessness, victimization, and oppression.

     "Unfortunately, change is what causes many people the greatest trepidation. For those trained to believe in toxicity, change represents the unknown, unbelievable, and unproven power."
                                                          "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

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