Saturday, August 18, 2018

Power for Overcoming Victimization

Regardless of the pain in our lives, we can do something about it. We can change the beliefs and values responsible for it.

Our pain is directly connected to our actions. Our actions are directly connected to our beliefs and values. Our beliefs and values are directly connected to our Awareness-of-Being.

The solution for overcoming pain is discovered in our awareness-of-being, which is the essence of my book on "Enlightenism." The book describes a formula for creating a new Awareness-of-Being.

This formula was created by a transformed, cleansed, and reconditioned victimized mind. This means it comes from someone who knows and understands that the origins of our pain come from the beliefs and values in our Awareness-of-Being.

All that we have been taught by others came from others. All that we teach ourselves come from an Awareness-of-Being whole, perfect, and complete. In other words, when we overcome our dependency on others, we begin the work to create a new person.

The greatest challenge we face is to stop depending on others to teach us about power and clarity. If we desire power and clarity, we must achieve it on our own. This discovery transcends abstract spiritual concepts of deities and of the universe as a thinking being,

Similarly, if the American slaves had discovered that their consciousness was the cause and effect of the conditions in their lives, then they could have freed themselves. This concept of freedom applies today to those who are in abusive relationships, imprisoned by various addictions, overcome by racial and spiritual illusions, and wasting away in penal institutions.

The powers of the Enlightenism mind is present for all to see and use who are willing to believe in things not taught by others, but discovered by you.

This excerpt from my book, "Enlightenism," has helped me through the pain, the dark, lonely days when it seemed like I couldn't make it, When I had no one to listen to, I turned my attention to myself; the one experiencing the pain.

     "During moments of forgetfulness, you forget you're producing effects in your life that are identical in every detail to your Awareness-of-Being. After a while, and with years of mindless actions, it's easy to forget that your mindless, seemingly innocuous actions, are representations of what you think of yourself. When you experience unpleasant conditions in your life, you forget you created them, not someone else. These are times when we try to shift the blame to others and unforeseen circumstances."
     "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Please click the Enlightenism image on this page and get the book for yourself. If you're in pain, I guarantee the insights will assist you with overcoming the pain on your own.

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