Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Formula for Achieving Greater Power

Consciousness is the key that unlocks the door that leads to our Greater Power. This Greater Power is the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.
When we believe what others teach us about the Greater Power existing outside of us, we accept this information as sense-certain. In other words, we accept others  interpretations  because we haven't achieved the clarity to refute them.

Many powerless victims of toxicity desire to wake-up, but don't know how. Unfortunately,we don't believe we have the power to wake-up on our own. So we continue hoping for others to discover a way for us to wake-up.

Today, a formula has been tested and proven to work successful on awakening us to accept the Greater Power as existing within. The formula was tested over a fifteen years trial period on an African-American male, who desired to change his life.  

The results of this study in consciousness is shared in the book "Enlightenism." The book describes how the formula works best on a cleansed toxic-free mind.

Similarly, we must first be willing to unlearn what others taught us about ourselves and the world. We then must do the work to create a new awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete.

When we do the work to unlearn what our parents and society taught us, we achieve the clarity to go beyond our dependency on their beliefs and values. We can then go to a deeper level of consciousness where we exist as colorless, formless, and faceless. To achieve this level of awareness, we must first unlearn toxicity or our sense-certainty of others beliefs and values.

     "Unfortunately, change is what causes many people the greatest trepidation. For those trained to believe in toxicity, change represents the unknown, unbelievable, and unproven power.

     "For most people, change, particularly enlightened and self-empowered change, is considered the enemy of toxicity or the status quo. It forces you to accept responsibility for the conditions in your life and environment. Yet the way to your enlightened consciousness requires a willingness to unlearn toxicity. This means your commitment to Enlightenism must be greater than your commitment to toxicity."
                                                    "Enlightenism" by Brother Malcolm Kelly

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