Saturday, September 29, 2018

Unlearning Victim Beliefs and Values

Are we doomed to live and die in an illusion? The answer is yes, unless we discover how to free ourselves from the limitations of human knowledge.

We define this freedom as  Enlightenism: the clarity to know  we're living in an illusion. This is the awareness-of-being where we have the power to stop struggling for our freedom and accept it as consciousness.  

Nevertheless, the more we struggle within the darkness of human knowledge, the more we distrust  there's a Greater Power within us. When we embody years of toxicity, we accept what we have been taught as sense-certainty.

Similarly, after awhile, we don't question the information. We just embody it as sense-certain or the truth.

When the victim desires to free himself or herself from illusory beliefs and values, it becomes apparent that we must recondition our minds with toxic-free beliefs and values.

This awareness of being personal responsible for creating and overcoming our problems is the beginning of the process for unlearning victim beliefs and values. Unlearning doesn't mean forgetting what we have been taught, it means detaching ourselves from the  certainty of the information.

When we detach ourselves from toxicity, we clearly know what we have been taught can be changed. Unfortunately, this change happens only when we acknowledge we have the power to change our beliefs and values.

It's easy to forget that acceptance of ourselves as powerless victims come from beliefs and values. These are the beliefs and values that confirm our sense-certainty about truth, divinity, power, clarity, and so on.

We discovered in our search for freedom that it exists in unconditioned consciousness. This Enlightenism consciousness is available to all who seek to use it. Those who do, can use it to create a new person or awareness-of-being

      "Regardless to what you have been taught by others, you are the cause and effect of the conditions in your life. You are always causing things to happen in your life even when you're unaware of the effects from your causes.

      "There are times in your life that you believe your actions are not true expressions of the person you believe you are aware of being. During those time, you believe your actions don't represent your intentions. This happens, particularly, during the times when you incur debt, pain from relationships, and regrets from angry outbursts."
                                       From the book of "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

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