Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Formula for Overcoming Racial Victimization

We are victims of what others taught us about who we are and who we can become. The deleterious beliefs and values from others have imprisoned us into an already created awareness-of-being where we perceive life from the prism of this awareness-of-being.

Many have tried to free themselves from this prison by possessing a strong faith in their toxic beliefs and values. Some have even resorted to trying to separate their faith from their core beliefs and values defining them by race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

When we discuss faith we narrowly define it to only one of the labels, which is religion. We forget that we have faith in our race, color, education, and so on. And unbeknown to us, we express this faith without realizing we are doing it.

Nevertheless, there is a way out of this prison. The way is found in a formula created from the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.

This formula contains the power to reinterpret faith as a tool to free yourself from dependency on others to teach you, It is the clarity to understand how your awareness-of-being became aware of being a powerless victim.

Many of us are in a complete state of denial about the origins of our beliefs and values, We fight to defend the truthfulness of our beliefs and values about our racial identities.

In other words, we accept our racial identities as the way to free ourselves from racism. And try as we may to free ourselves from this racial quagmire, we continue inexorably on our journey searching for answers from the prism of a racial awareness-of-being.

Meanwhile, there is a powerful quotation in my new book, "Enlightenism," that eloquently describes the path that frees us from the pain caused by embodying societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

        "When you live in a toxic environment for too long, you learn to accept pain as a natural part of life. Since you live among others affected by varying degrees of pain, there's really no reason to search for solutions within you. So you learn to tolerate pain by accepting yourself as its victim."

       "The decision to wake-up from the toxic nightmare where you're being chased by the ghosts of lack, limitation, and struggle is one only you can make. You must decide for yourself to wake-up and choose to travel on the path that leads out of toxicity or continue on the one you've traveled all your life."
                                                                      ---- "Enlightenism"  by Malcolm Kelly

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