Saturday, October 21, 2017

Enlightenism is the Greater Power

"I am greater than the I that I created."

Do you believe there is a Greater Power in you? If you do, then what is this power? How do you discover this power and use it to overcome the conditions in your life?

The answers to all of these questions must come from our own discovery of this power. Our self-discovery work begins first with a strong and clear desire to wake-up and free ourselves from toxicity. 

Our desire to wake-up and search within ourselves for a Greater Power ultimately gives us  the clarity to understand our origins in toxicity.  And with this clarity, we can clearly perceive toxicity as a human-made illusion. 

It is from our desires to attain a greater power, one greater than the one we're using in toxicity, that we can understand our participation in our own pain and suffering. This clarity is sufficient for us to relinquish our resistance to accept personal responsibility for the conditions in our lives. 

After we accept and understand our responsibility for the actions that produced these conditions and problems, we can now begin our work in consciousness to free ourselves for our self-created prison. .

Moreover, even before we can reach the point in our lives where we can acknowledge personal responsibility for our problems, it's important for us to understand that we already possess the Greater Power of Enlightensm: This Greater Power exists within us as unconditioned consciousness. It is our awareness of being whole, perfect, and complete.

The Greater Power of Enlightenism frees us from toxicity and our dependency on the interpretations of others for our clarity. This is our clarity to perceive ourselves beyond societal distortions defining us according to our race, color, gender, religion, age, education, and status. 

Similarly, Enlightenism is not a person or being outside of us, nor one that comes from toxic beliefs and values within us. This awareness-of-being is who we are without our faith and trust in the beliefs and values from others.

The path to Enlightenism runs through our minds.  And while we may not know where to find this path, we must accept that we are the ones who will create it. In other words, we create our own way out of toxicity based on our acceptance of the Greater Power within us.

     "It is common practice among people who have lived powerless lifestyles to seek approval from others. If you are working on a project, you want your supervisor or colleagues to compliment you for your work. In those instances when you don't receive their compliments, you probably feel like they don't appreciate your hard work.

    "On this Enlightenism journey, you must move beyond the need for others When you remove the thoughts you have about success and failure, you automatically overcome the need to seek acceptance or approval from others.
                                                                ---- Seeds From the Ashes

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