Friday, March 1, 2013

Creating a New Person

Yes, it's true that we have the power to extricate ourselves from our beliefs and values. This great power is in our minds, not in the minds others. We call this power: Powers of Mind.

Many of us go from one thing to the next in search of something to make us feel complete. And with this heuristic philosophy, we continue searching outside of our minds for the answers.

It is only when we accept Powers of Mind that we become aware of our own limitless powers. This awareness is the clarity we need to know that all the great minds in the colleges and universities of world are powerless to provide us with answers about who we are without our beliefs and values.

Moreover, we know this because all of us are born into an already existing world of beliefs and values. And these are the beliefs and values we use to teach others about who they are and their relationships with others.

These are the beliefs and values responsible for the confusion in our minds about power. They distort our clarity and cause us to forget we are the power we seek it others.

This power remains free of the world's attempts to condition it into the world's own liking. And regardless of how many times we deny our power, it continues to exist in our minds.

Most of us have been taught to have faith in an invisible power existing outside of our minds. When we are taught that this power exists in our minds, we're unwilling to believe we are worthy of this type of power. However, if we desire to discover the Powers of Mind in us, we must overcome what we have been taught.

Here's an excerpt from the Powers of Mind enlightenment book, Seeds from the Ashes, to illumine our minds on this power:

     "The process to unleash this great power is one that requires you to look inward and discover the source for solving all your problems. For you to become a part of this empowerment (enlightenment) process, you must first learn to be comfortable with yourself and to overcome the belief that authentic power exists outside of your mind. You must condition your mind to know that all power comes from your mind."

Similarly, the invisible power that we believe exits outside of us came from this world, not from the invisible power. In other words, we learned from our Guides everything we know so far about our power and its source.

Nevertheless, we do not have to limit ourselves to the teachings of our Guides. We have the power to create a new person or as some say, "to be born again."

When we enlighten our minds, we do so by detaching ourselves from our existing beliefs and values. Now  we are able to perceive ourselves without the world's distortions.

This clarity or clean mind expresses itself in our lives to overcome our dependency on others for our enlightenment. This is not a ritualistic process, nor is it one created from our existing beliefs and values.

Our clean minds are the result of our willingness to lose ourselves (toxic beliefs and values) in order to find ourselves (enlightenment beliefs and values).

Meanwhile, look no further than our own minds. For it is in our minds that we discover the invisible power we have been taught to believe exists outside of us.

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