Monday, August 1, 2011

Liberating our Minds of Toxic Beliefs

Some of us have been stuck in the same position for quite some time. We seem to always come up a little short in accomplishing our goals.

Many of us are still struggling with self-identity and purpose issues. Most of our time is spent chasing after something -- money, happiness, status, power, and so on -- but never finding it.

Similarly, some of us continue to believe our suffering is divine fate: it's our destiny to suffer. While a few of us eschew this type of thinking, we too are unwilling to engage in serious self-discovery.

Nevertheless, for those willing to delve a little deeper into our thinking process, we find that somewhere beneath the layers of beliefs concealing our essence, there are some dormant thoughts yet to be used.

These thoughts exist only in our unconditioned consciousness; that part of us that maintains the clarity of purpose.

However, for us to effectively use these thoughts we must remove the toxic beliefs causing us to search outside of ourselves for answers to our problems. There are many of them; however, we're going to only focus on six primary ones.

We will discuss them over a period of time due to the amount of information that we're required to cover.

So, what follows are some of the troubling toxic beliefs poisoning our minds with powerlessness.  

1.  Fear  --  "Fear is a state of consciousness one uses to escape from doing something one desires to do"
Some examples:

       1.  Fear of losing.
       2.  Fear of peer ridicule.
       3.  Fear of success.
       4.  Fear of failure.
       5.  Fear of living.
       6.  Fear of dying.
       7.  Fear of rejection.

Some suggestions for overcoming our fears:

1.  Create a vision of ourselves with complete power over our actions.
2.  Imagine ourselves living completely free of all fears in the present moment.
3.  Act as if you are free of fears. Write a minimum of five things you can do to ensure you maintain your freedom.
4.  List at least five fears that constantly occur in your life: for example, fear of losing your job, home, spouse, clothes, business, or life.
5.  Identify the sources of your fears. Examine what causes you to believe your present challenges (problems) cannot be removed. Exactly what do you anticipate happening if you take action to remove the fear?
6.  Imagine the best-case scenario and the worst-case scenario. Which one has the greatest power in your life?
7.  Remove the fears one at a time until their individual and collective powers are harmless to you. Challenge every fear with a positive action of empowerment (enlightenment). To do this requires that you deny the existence of the illusions (beliefs) created by the senses.
8.  Go within yourself and tap into your intuitive-unconditioned consciousness to make your decisions. Continue to do this, even if your senses tell you that your actions do not make sense.

We will continue to discuss the following toxic beliefs by incorporating them in future articles.

Worry -- "My face displays no worry because I have seen the face of empowerment (enlightenment) and it is mine."
Doubt -- "My thoughts are free and I see the path with great clarity."
Lack --   "I am complete in myself."
Limitation -- "I have the limitless power within me to express all of my desires."
Struggle --  "My power of creativity frees me of all struggles."

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