Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Understanding our Relationship With Illusions

When we're unaware of something, we don't do anything about it. Most of us are unaware that our lives are controlled by illusions. And since we don't recognize illusions as illusions, we continue to try and change something that doesn't actually exist.

There are all sorts of programs pitched by self-help gurus that offer us ways to change our lives. And many of us who participate in them become immersed in a web of illusions.

In our insatiable quest for sense-certainty and truth, we try to use illusions to satisfy this hunger. After many tries and failures, we continue to listen to others in hopes of our discovering this elusive truth.

This type of commitment makes us intransigent to explore the depths of our unconditioned consciousness. Unfortunately, most of us also believe this consciousness is an  illusion.

For us to understand that our unconditioned consciousness is not an illusion, we first must understand our own existence. This means we must understand the development process of the Self  and its relationship with our illusions. 

Similarly, it's our willingness to understand how we became aware-of-being this person that will ultimately  lead us to Enlightenism. And with our Enlightenism consciousness we will clearly understand that we created our Self or awareness-of-being from toxic beliefs and values.

We will also understand that most, if not all, of the beliefs and values we believe in were created from illusions. They were manufactured by others to meet the supply and demand we have for sense-certainty or truth.So they provided us with the beliefs and values to assuage our demands for the truth.

Most of us have embodied the sense-certainty beliefs and values from others. This means that the truth exists only in the illusions or in the things we create from them.

Similarly, if we are born of this world, the one controlled by illusions, then we are ourselves illusions.  In other words, the Self that we're aware of being was conditioned by the toxic beliefs and values we received from our parents and society.

This awareness is difficult for most of us to accept.Nevertheless, whenever we become aware of the Enlightenism consciousness within us, we then have the power to overcome what others have taught us. We can use this consciousness to create a new Self.

With Enlightenism we have power to be "born again." This rebirth occurs in our consciousness and is not controlled by our illusions.

This new Self, created from a colorless, formless, and faceless awareness-of-being, has the power to transform our conditioned consciousness (Self)  into an awareness-of-being that has power over our illusions.

Moreover, this is the power and clarity we need to understand that our unconditioned consciousness is the beginning and end of all of our awareness-of-beings. It is the truth about the Creator (unconditioned consciousness) of all of our awareness-of-beings.

It's important for us to remember that while we're not alone in this world, we're also not powerless. Our power comes from our unconditioned consciousness. This consciousness is greater than the one we conditioned to become one with our illusions.

Meanwhile, when we're able to understand our relationship with our illusions, then we're able to understand that Enlightenism is greater than the Self or our conditioned awareness-of-being. It is the only power we have to be "born again" and ourselves from our illusions.
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