Friday, June 5, 2015

Enlightenism is Beyond our Illusions

Many of us believe our mind and consciousness are the same. We have forgotten that our consciousness existed before our minds. And before we became aware of being a self, we existed as a formless, colorless, and faceless consciousness.

Enlightenism is the awareness-of-being beyond sense-certainty or the empirical interpretations of ourselves and others. Even though we rely on sense-certainty to develop our understanding of the world, this process is not free of its illusory creator. And, unfortunately, it only makes us more dependent on what we have been taught by others.

Nevertheless, whenever we decide to abandon our three-dimensional-spatiotemporal perspective of the world, we are able to travel deeper into the fourth dimensional time continuum of spaciousness without form and toxic beliefs and values. This is the awareness-of-being where we are able to discover The Creator or the unconditioned consciousness.

In the Enlightenism realm, we are beyond the powers of our parents, society, and the toxic experiences we're using to define our awareness-of-being. This is the realm where we have authentic power and clarity.

Enlightenism consciousness is what Jesus, the Enlightened One that many of us refer to as the Son, meant by "to lose yourself is to find yourself." In other words, we must lose our attachment to our current awareness-of-being and transform it into our natural awareness-of-being, which is Enlightenism consciousness.

With our Enlightenism consciousness, then we understand the meaning "The Father and I are one, but the Father is greater than I."

In other words, the unconditioned consciousness (Father) is greater than the conditioned consciousness (Son). It is only when the Son (conditioned consciousness) becomes one with the unconditioned consciousness (Father) that the Son has all of the Father's (unconditioned consciousness) power.

For us to experience this great power within us, we must be willing to give up or let go of all of our beliefs and values. And when we do, we will discover  our formless, colorless, and faceless awareness-of-being to be  our unconditioned consciousness. 

Nevertheless, when we realize that The Creator, our unconditioned consciousness,  communicates to us within our Enlightenism consciousness, then we will understand the Creator exists in all of us. But for us to effectively understand the language of our unconditioned consciousness, we must be "born-again" or condition our awareness-of-being to exist in this Enlightenism consciousness.

This means we must let  our toxic beliefs and values (Mind) die so that we can recreate ourselves from a colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being (Consciousness). This is the awareness-of-being where transcendence becomes our awareness-of-being immanent.

Similarly, we haven't yet discovered how to teach someone about consciousness. We cannot teach others that which we don't possess ourselves. Only those of us who have discovered the Enlightenism consciousness within us can discuss it as we discuss mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, physics, science, and so on.

Meanwhile, our minds exist for this transcendent, three-dimensional spatiotemporal world. This is where others teach us how to use our minds to live in a self-created world of illusions.  We should not confuse this process with Enlightenism

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