Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transcendence of Victim Consciousness With Enlightenism

Many of us cannot fathom ourselves as victims. It's a dirty word. It's unsavory. It's despicable, and yet it's the essence of the awareness-of-being we created from toxic beliefs and values.

We become victims by borrowing others' beliefs and values. This creates an indebtedness in our consciousness, which makes us dependent on toxic beliefs and values to satisfy this debt.

Most of us are unaware of  having created a debt-value consciousness.  We accepted the loans (toxic beliefs and values) willingly from our parents and society. And without any awareness of our actions, we mortgaged our clarity of consciousness to toxic beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, regardless of our awareness, we continue to mortgage our consciousness by allowing others to place more and more liens (illusions)  on it. Unfortunately, as our indebtedness grows, so do the illusions.

This conditioning process of descending our consciousness into the illusions creates a toxic, symbiotic relationship with victimization and powerlessness. Our illusions have now become our reality, and our reality has become our illusion. And as the Buddhist say: we give them form, feeling, thought, will, and consciousness.

When we realize that consciousness is the beginning and end of all of our awareness-of-being, then we can   stop mortgaging it to others. We will clearly know that our toxic beliefs and values are the cause of our victimization.

Most victims are too embedded with powerless beliefs and values to reflect on the value of consciousness. We're too consumed by the demands of day-to-day survival to explore other perspectives on consciousness. We believe consciousness is another form of  the depravity we have embodied in victimization.

Similarly, we're too preoccupied with "making it" to engage in philosophical exercises on consciousness. We believe consciousness is make-believe; something people use to trick us and make us stop believing in our illusions.

We are convinced that our illusions are real and powerful. We're also convinced that whatever problems we cannot solve ourselves, there is a higher power that will solve them for us.

Meanwhile, since we are victims of our own illusions, we have forgotten that the "higher power" concept came initially from others. We were taught beliefs and values that gave us an escape from the responsibility to solve all of our own problems, particularly, since we created them with our actions. 

In other words, we believe we can create problems, but we don't have the power to solve them. These are the toxic beliefs and values devaluing our awareness-of-being enlightened. They are the distortions created by our illusions.

Some of us understand that we are the creators of our awareness-of-being. This means we are powerless because we choose to condition our consciousness to express an awareness-of-being powerless. We also  understand that we have the power to condition our consciousness to create a new awareness-of-being where we're able to express power.

When we understand that Enlightenism  is Powers of Mind consciousness, then we'll understand that we can never become aware of ourselves as victims or powerless. This consciousness doesn't contain illusions or toxic beliefs and values.

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